How it works

Scaling your business with ScanPower is easy

Everything you need to prep, manage, and send FBA shipments — all in one place

How it works

Step 1: Simple Onboarding

Define your settings for powerful workflows that save you time and money.

  • Robust customization options
  • ScanPower integrates with your existing tools
  • Set different workflows for different team members
Simple Onboarding

Step 2: Import and Receive Orders

ScanPower’s interface is easier to use than Seller Central

  • Create FBA shipments the easy way — without Seller Central
  • Receive inventory
  • Reconcile missing and damaged units
  • Preview shipping destinations
Import and Receive Orders

Step 3: Prep and Label FBA Inventory

ScanPower creates and prints the right labels the first time.

  • Prep all inventory according to Amazon FBA requirements
  • Print FNSKU/Item and expiration date labels
  • Custom labels for Sold as Set and Combined Box and FNSKU/item label
Step 3: Prep and Label FBA Inventory

Step 4:

Pack and Ship FBA Inventory

  • Listing and packing is updated in real time
  • Pack shipment items quickly into one or more boxes
  • Print FBA box, pallet, and shipping labels
  • Easily track which items are prepped, labeled, and packed
  • Send box contents directly to Amazon and be notified of missing expiration dates
  • Purchase partnered and non-partnered LTL or SPD shipping
Pack and Ship FBA Inventory

Recommend Without Reservation

ScanPower is the most efficient & EFFECTIVE tool for listing. I’ve tested the main three in this space and would recommend without reservation ScanPower.


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