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How do I know which ScanPower plan is right for me?

You can check out all of our plans here. If you’re unsure which plan works best for you, simply contact us and we’ll be happy to help! We also provide custom quotes for large 3PLs.

What if I need help setting up ScanPower?

We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service. We’re always happy to help walk you through our onboarding process, and continue to provide support should any issues arise.

Does ScanPower integrate with my other software?

Yes. We have an API and are constantly adding integrations with other popular inventory and shipment management software. Let us know if you would like the API documentation.

Do I still need to create shipments through Seller Central?

The power of ScanPower is never having to go through Seller Central. You can create, prep, pack, and send your inventory without having to navigate the complicated interface of Seller Central.

Is ScanPower only for Amazon resellers?

While we originally designed our tools to simplify Amazon resale, many of our enterprise and 3PL clients work with distributors, wholesalers, and agencies managing multiple accounts.

Does ScanPower include instructions for warehouse workers?

Our customized workflows make it easier to train workers to start working from the very first day. Our intuitive interface bridges the gap between virtual shipments and physical boxes and pallets, making it easier to train workers to pack faster and with less errors.

What marketplaces do you support?

We support the following marketplaces:

coming soon !

What printers/paper formats do you support?

ScanPower supports a variety of printer and paper formats, including Zebra ZPL Direct Printing, DYMO Direct Printing, and Rollo printer setup for FNSKU labels.

What are the new pricing plans for ScanPower?

These are our current pricing plans:

RA/OA Sellers: RA/OA/Wholesale sellers with a mix of MSKUs and one warehouse / location

Enterprise Pro: Professional Seller with a team and one or more warehouses

3PL Enterprise: 3PLs and Prep centers
$199/month + $10/client*

*active accounts with printing or shipments in previous month
**All new plan offers unlimited sub-users

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Will I need to pay a different price if I’m an existing customer?

If you have the original BoxT plan ($24/month), on your June renewal date we will update you to the $79/month plan. With the new plan you will benefit from being able to track costs, receive prep guidance, list, create shipments, and purchase shipping – all without Send to Amazon.

If you have the Basic ($49/month) or Plus plan ($69/month), on your July renewal date we will upgrade you to the $79/month plan. 

If you are on the Pro plan ($99/month) and ship from a single location, you will be downgraded to the $79/month plan on your June renewal date. You will maintain all current Pro features.

If you are on the Pro plan ($99/month) and are a 3PL or prep center you will be upgraded to the $199/month plan on your June renewal date.

If you have the Enterprise plan ($199/month), the only change will be to move you to the Enterprise Pro plan, with no additional charge, on your June renewal date.

If you have an existing coupon that discount will carry forward with the new plan. We understand that times are uncertain. If this pricing update negatively affects your ability to simplify and scale your Amazon seller operations, please let us know. We are investing in your success and can work with you to find a solution

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