A Note From Paul  

We started ScanPower with a simple idea — that Amazon FBA was a huge opportunity for entrepreneurs. We wanted to create software that gave sellers an essential advantage and increased their odds of success.

12 years on, the idea is the same. The opportunity is still huge as is the need for software to simplify the process of selling on Amazon.

Some of our users started selling as a side hustle. Many have built and scaled serious and sustainable businesses. While they share some common traits: independence, generous spirit, and a strong sense of community, we respect their need for a flexible solution to Amazon challenges. If you look at ScanPower features, many were built directly from user feedback. That collaboration is what I’m most proud of.

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Our Values

Personalized Support 

Talk to a knowledgeable person who can answer your questions. No chatbots here!

Small by design

We stay small so we can be invested in your success. We’re constantly implementing user feedback to develop more useful features and tools.

Simplicity and Ease

Our tools fit your workflow, not the other way around.

Meet the team


Managing Director 

Paul is our co-founder and managing director. His biggest achievement has been navigating the constantly changing Amazon landscape to build better tools that support sellers. When not puzzling out Amazon requirements, Paul likes to go sailing and mountain biking.

Best piece of advice: “Don’t tug on Superman’s cape.” – Jim Croce


Customer Success Manager 

Pankaj has recently joined the ScanPower team and is already helping customers set up their workflows and optimize their use of ScanPower. When not helping customers, Pankaj likes to listen to music and surf the internet. 

Best piece of advice: Don’t overdo things in life. Keep everything short and simple.


Project Manager

Phil has been at ScanPower for almost 10 years, moving from Developer to Project Manager. He loves the opportunity to continue building his development skills while adding new and exciting features to ScanPower. 

Best piece of advice: “Whatever you do, always give 100%. Unless you’re donating blood” – Bill Murray


Senior Developer

Zak has been with ScanPower since the very beginning. If you ask him, he’s been with us since before the river and the trees. When not quoting JRR Tolkien in everyday conversation, Zak is busy making sure that ScanPower works seamlessly for everyone. 

Best piece of advice: Don’t make fun of people for admitting they don’t know something. For each thing that “everyone knows”, there are on average 10,000 people in the U.S. hearing about it for the first time. 

Staffing partner

Ingenium IT provides Software Development, QA, and Customer support staffing and seamless communication with our U.S.A team members.